Motown Musician Accelerator’s 12-week program provides coaching, mentoring, industry networking, and grants to cohorts of four musicians and/or bands. It ends with a showcase, where the artists perform for music industry professionals, supporters and community members. 

Detroit-area musicians and bands of any genre may apply. Learn more about our application and selection process here.


Unlike other accelerator programs, Motown Musician Accelerator is completely free. Participation requires no equity, fees, revenue or residuals. The four selected artists each receive a $20,000 budget grant to be spent toward their career. Participants work with the Motown Musician Accelerator team to determine how the $20,000 is spent.


During the first three months, artists create new music and content. The Motown Musician Accelerator team facilitates introductions to potential collaborators, studios, photographers and videographers, and other industry experts for the artists to create with during this phase.


The Motown Musician Accelerator provides introductions, resources, and mentorship for artists to efficiently connect with industry leaders locally, nationally, and internationally who can help bolster their careers. Each cohort takes a group trip to Los Angeles and New York, and will be connected to experts in the music industry.


Throughout the program, the Motown Musician Accelerator team works individually with each artist to map career growth and plan out the next year of their career, focused on driving sustaining revenue and heightening the profile of each artist.